Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ebony Mom Ivory Tower (EMIT) is about my life at the intersections of race, motherhood, and higher education.

I’m a storyteller and a bridge builder. I hope that you might connect with something here at EMIT.

I’m a mother to three beautiful brown boys, a full-time student affairs professional, and a PhD student. I moved to the twin cities with my husband, Chris, a long boarding, tech strategist with plans of a short-term stay that turned into three kids and a house.

I’ve worked in higher education for 10 years doing student affairs, research, academic counseling, coaching, consulting, and program development. My Bachelors is in Religion. My Masters is in Intercultural Studies. I’m finishing my PhD in Higher Education and African American studies. My research and publications explore the intersections of race, motherhood, leadership, and higher education.

I like to play games, host parties, take naps, road trips, and eat ice cream with my family and friends. They listen to my stories. I hope you will too.